Monday, 15 September 2014

Hobby Chaos Abated

There comes a time in every person's life where they have to evaluate and make decisions about what they want to do, where their future lies. I recently had one of those moments. As a result several totes full of Warhammer are currently now packed up and in my garage.

For most of gamers I know, hobby space is limited and so you have always stored most of your stuff in boxes and army cases and kept a limited amount sitting out in the open. This is not the case in our home. Here we had a china cabinet and four Ikea display cabinets that were full of Warhammer in the living room/dining room area....the breakfast nook was converted into a painting area complete with space for two people to hobby at the same time, the bookshelves in my room are overstuffed with Warhammer rulebooks, army books, codices, FW books and Black Library novels. Plus we have the game room with the table with shelves and boxes of terrain and models.

After nearly ten years of it we both had enough of seeing Warhammer in every room and decided that it was time to box up anything that is not a current project. At first I was torn about this decision. We spent all that time and money over the years it feels wrong to put it away in a box.

Let me also tell you how freeing it is.

The first thing I see when I walk in my house is no longer the Marauder Destroyer atop a china cabinet brimming with Necrons and Guard tanks and Flames of War. Currently several of those shelves are still empty, but at the moment that suits me just fine.

It has also renewed my interest in projects that I hadn't considered working on in ages.

We'll get the boxes out of the garage eventually but at the moment we have enough projects to finish and models to paint that even my hobby butterfly of a husband can be kept happy

I'm heading back to work on the Wood Elf commission...this batch is nearly done...the Client got to sit on hold while I got a rushed order of 20 dice bags put together and ready for mailing for Cruisehammer (hosted by TSHFT) so I figure I owe it to him to get them finished now.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Article Research

I have decided that I want to expand my opinion base for my articles I write for Bell of Lost Souls.

When I have articles I am writing I am going to post here for thoughts and comments. If you have something to say please do, you might find your thoughts on BOLS.

Let's kick off with discussion about the Magic Phase...

Questions, opinions,  favorite lore,  lore combinations. ...

Sunday, 24 August 2014


While life has certainly dragged me away so has this Wood Elf commission I have been working on and the dice bags I have been making.

Here's the wood elf progress. I apologize for the quality of photos I snapped these with my phone. The photo booth will get set back up soon.

Still on the table (aside from the actual riders) are some wild riders, eagles and a treeman.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Latest Hobby

Recently I accepted...maybe begged for is a better wording...a painting commission.

I go through phases where I get all inspired to paint armies I don't own but I don't want to buy a new army so when my buddy Pete from Chumphammer announced he was buying a Wood Elf army I told him he needed to let me paint it. He agreed and after Wet Coast GT last month he handed me his army case....

They are far from done, but here's a WIP on one of the riders.

Yes I know green is a common theme with Wood Elves but I have a vision I am getting there....It is also because of this army that I have actually begun to learn to airbrush. There is a lot of cavalry (horses and stags) in this list that have inspired me to learn.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Wet Coast - Dale's Ogre List

The picture is the Ogre list that was  the only army to beat the Tomb Kings.

I will post about the herotitan and any more detailed battle report information I can get from Cody and possibly his opponents here, hopefully in the next few days.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Airbrushes are Scary

Recently I talked a friend into letting me paint some Wood Elves for him, I had this color scheme in mind for a Wood Elf army but I refuse to buy my own, so it was a great chance for him to get his army painted.

Then I got it home and sitting looking at all those stags and horses all I could think was how I needed to learn to airbrush because the paint job would look so much nicer.  I only ever used our airbrush once, the result was awful and I haven't tried since. My husband does though and had painted some fabulous tanks and buildings. Finally, yesterday I got out one of our older airbrushes (somehow we have would up with three over the years), and carefully spent an hour cleaning it and reading the instructions that came with it.

I knew my friend Mathieu paints minis with his airbrush so I messaged and asked him if he had any advice before I got started making a mess...he said paint terrain first. It was a lot less frightening to paint terrain than models, for the most part it was just one color. When I switched colors though I realized it's actually pretty tough to control the spray when you don't know what your doing.

I don't so I wound up fully covering areas I didn't want to, and getting paint in spaces I didn't want it. Getting frustrated I stopped, read the instructions again and put it away for the night.

This morning I find the idea of airbrushing far less scary than I did yesterday.

Some thoughts I made note of:
-cleaning the airbrush between colors is important
-putting lubrication on all the parts makes it operate smoother
-wear gloves, at least on the hand that your using to hold or turn the model
-shake your paints like crazy to get the right consistency
-don't use GW paints in an airbrush, they aren't designed for it
-be patient and breath deep.

When I have made more progress I will share more, but for now that's it.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Getting Started & It's Time To BOLS article series

The request came that we have a post with all of my articles about Getting Started with Warhammer Fantasy and Learning to Play in one spot, in order. I will try to keep this as updated as possible as I write additional pieces.

Here's the list:

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